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These photo files are very large (approx. 500 to 800 kB.)  If your modem is slow it can take up to 90 seconds for a picture to be displayed on your monitor] The photos can be accessed at the following link:

It is recommended that you download them onto your computer and view them with Paint (or another Image Viewer) so that you can control the magnification.  With proper magnification you can read the text of the newspaper.

Assumption Grotto School Graduation Class of 1955

The two photos contain images of all the class members including Joan (Sute) Galant, Diana Powierski, Frank Werner, and Dave (Buczkowski) Brent and the signatures of the class members.

Northeast Detroiter (June 18, 1959)

This issue contains an article on the retirement of Msgr. Marx from Assumption Grotto parish.  In addition, there is an article on the Robinson Elementary School.

Assumption Grotto Boy Scouts 1956

This photo contains images of Gerry Deneweth, Bob Zalewski, the Knoche brothers, James Recor (George Recor's younger brother --- former V.P. of the Boy Scouts of America,) Earl Lyons (brother of Mary Ellen Lyons,) Dave Brent (aka. Buczkowski) and his brother Art Buczkowski.  Eventually captions will be placed on the photo to identify these individuals.  See the signatures of some of the boy scouts on the other photo!



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