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Old and recent photos are requested for posting on our website!  We're looking forward to expanding the photos pages!  We would like individual, family, children, grandchildren, trip and activity photos, or any photos of your choice that you would like to share!
  • For digital versions like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc, please email them to Dave at with a brief description.  JPEG is the preferred photo format since image quality can be preserved even with small file size. 

  • Regular photos, color or black & white,  (prints or 35 mm slides) can be mailed to Dave for scanning.  Send photo prints (paper) to him by mail; after scanning he will promptly return your photos to you!


    If you do not have his address, please send him an email requesting it (Use the Contact Us page or the email address above.)


  • If you have a scanner, you might want to try scanning the photos (prints) yourself, and then forward the digital versions to Dave by email!  Please attach a description!  

A photo webpage can also be setup for you at no cost to you!   Photos can be added or removed at anytime per your instructions.   At this time there is no photo limit!  Normally the changes to your webpage will be done within 24 hours of the receipt of your email instructions.  

If you want to maintain your webpage yourself, then you can use the WebEdit application which is available on the website for your use.  The user manual is also available on the website. 



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