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Welcome to the Assumptionaires Web site!

The Assumptionaires is a social/religious club comprised of a membership that is primarily located in Southeastern Michigan, but which also has members throughout the U.S. and Canada.  The Assumptionaires was founded in the early 1960's at the historic Assumption Grotto Catholic Church on the Northeast side of Detroit near the intersection of Gratiot Avenue and East Mc Nichols Road.  

The club was affiliated with the C.Y.O. (the Catholic Youth Organization) which was comprised of many groups from various Catholic parishes throughout Southeastern Michigan.  The purpose of the club was to offer a social/religious setting for young men and women to support the Assumption Grotto parish community through charitable activities.  In addition, the Assumptionaires maintained a busy schedule of weekly events that included committee and general membership  meetings, dances involving neighboring C.Y.O. groups, trips to the local parks and museums, progressive dinners, visiting many of the local restaurants, C.Y.O. sponsored sports (basketball and softball,) an annual trip to Bob-Lo Island, etc.      

Today the Assumptionaires still function as we did in the 1960's and are still bonded together with friendships that have been maintained for more than 55 years!  The Assumptionaires have provided us with a wonderful social setting that enabled these friendships to persist for nearly half a lifetime.  Now many of us have families which absorb us even more, but still we find the time to renew our friendships through periodic meetings and activities.  The strength of the club comes from its membership, and is evident by the numbers that attend the club activities.  We are planning to extend the reach of the Assumptionaires to other C.Y.O. groups in Southeastern Michigan.  

Our committee members are: Ed Carroll, chairman; Don & Julie Aller, co-chairmen; Vince & Diane Arini, co-chairmen; Tim & Chris Gierlowski, co-chairmen; Diane (Paskowski) Konn, co-chairman;  Sharon Saxmon, co-chairman; and Dave Brent, website designer.

Past Presidents:

  • '60  Ken Zeiter

  • '61  Kirk Glunk

  • '62  Russ LeBlanc

  • '63  Joe Kulchy(ski)

  • '64  Gary Krueger

  • '65  Tim Gierlowski

  • '66  Ed Carroll

  • '67  Mike Baczewski

  • '68  Rich Antoun

  • '69  Chuck Piscopink

  • '70  Andrew Koszka


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