The Galant's & Brent's Meet in Florida


Here are some photographs of our out-of-State get-together in Florida.  We met up with each other at Disney World Epcot after nearly 40 years.   We had a great time even with the 90+ degF temperatures!   Although Joe and Joan are retired from their former jobs, they've taken up farming. They came in from Alabama just after their peach and blackberry harvest.  Their children live in the Orlando area, so they had an opportunity to visit with them.   It was fun to recall many of the friendships we had in the Assumptionaires and before.  Joan and Dave were classmates at Assumption Grotto Elementary School --- Joan brought Dave up-to-date on several of their former grade school classmates.  

Dave, Elaine and Allison were in Orlando to attend the wedding of the daughter (Tiana) of a couple they have known in California for about 25 years.   Tiana and Allison (daughter) have been friends since birth.  The trip gave Dave and Elaine an opportunity to see Joe and Joan and do some sightseeing in Central Florida.   They hope to get back there again soon!


L to R: Dave, Elaine, Joe and Joan in Disney World Epcot, Orlando, FL



Joe and Joan in Epcot


Elaine, Dave and Allison in Epcot



     Joan, Joe, Elaine and Allison taking a break from the 94 degF heat at Epcot





Allison and Elaine under the Saturn V First Stage Propulsion System, Kennedy Space Center



Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Joe Galant and Joan (Sute) Galant, Dave (Buczkowski) and Elaine (Makowski) Brent,