Post-Christmas Get-Together At Ed Carroll's Home

Saturday, January 8, 2005


Thanks to the interest of the "Assumptionaires" young (seniors) adult club, the event was well attended (35) with a lot of talking and reminiscing.  Can't begin to list or remember the multitude of subjects covered during the evening.  There was no need for background music or ice-breaker techniques for this group.


Please take a few moments to look at the pictures and Thanks Again to our host and photographer Ed Carroll.  Attendees not pictured were Marilyn Savage, Peggy Krueger and Ed Carroll.




Front:  Diane (Paskowski) Konn, Betty (Romanski) Queeneville, Marge D'Herde

Back:  Jackie (Nizza) Adelini, Norm Popa, Ed Queeneville


Kathy Thornton, Mary Williams, Rosie (Broske) Coraci, Sharon (Hertzberg) Saxman, Tom Coraci


Barb (Mrozek) Thornton, Chris Gierlowski, Mary Lynn Mitten


Mike Baczewski, Ray Fuca, Pete Maniaci


Diane (Orlando) and Vince Arini


Pat (Spalding) and Bill Fend


Tom Coraci, Betty (Romanski) Queeneville


Tom Coraci, Gerri Russo, Mary Williams, Pete Maniaci, Diane (Orlando) & Vince Arini, Chris (Garbowski) Maniaci


Pat (Spalding) & Bill Fend, Don Aller, Jan (Vermeesch) & Bob Zalewski, Gary Krueger


Ray and Lucy (Romano) Fuca


Cynthia (Knoche) Coraci, Mike Baczewski, Chris Gierlowski, Gerri Russo


Don & Julie (Shirkey) Aller


Cynthis (Knoche) Coraci, Mike Baczewski, Lucy (Romano) Fuca, Diane (Paskowski) Konn, Ray Fuca


Diane (Paskowski) Konn, Ray Fuca


Chris (Garbowski) Maniaci, Karen (Haase) Beyer, Gerri Russo, Mary Lynn Mitten were all classmates at St. Juliana's Grade School