Post-Christmas Get-Together Hosted By Diane Konn

Saturday, January 21, 2005


The Post Christmas Get Together hosted by Diane Konn on January 21, 2006.  Everyone (20 attended) had a good time, continuous talking from 7:00 until 1:00 am or so.  There were three different groups talking all the time, when you felt like it was time, you moved to a new group and started all over again. 


However, we did take time out for a number of photos with a very nice "Class Picture" taken by Diane Konn's son.  Please take a few moments to look at the pictures.

Thanks again to our host Diane Konn, Ed Carroll, Chairman and our photographers Marge D'Herde & Mike Konn.


Diane Konn (Our Hostess)


Mary Williams


Rita (Freiburger) & Tom Bryant


Ed Carroll


Norm Popa


Knoche) Coraci, Lucy (Romano) Fuca, Tom Coraci


Mary Lynn Mitten, Betty (Romanski) & Ed Quenneville, Norm Popa


Betty & Ed Quenneville, Norm Popa


Chris Gierlowski, Ed Carroll


Chris Gierlowski, Ed Carroll, Andrew


Karen (Haase) Beyer, Mary Williams


Rita & Tom Bryant, Cynthia Coraci


Tim Gierlowski, Tom Coraci, Jackie Adelini, Ray & Lucy Fuca


Gerri Russo, Tim Gierlowski, Tom & Cynthia Coraci


Jackie Adelini, Diane Konn, Marge D'Herde


Back Row (L-R): Norm Popa, Ed Quenneville, Marge D'Herde, Mary Williams, Ed Carroll, Chris & Tim Gierlowski, Rita & Tom Bryant, Mary Lynn Mitten & Andrew, and Karen Beyer.

 Center Row (L-R): Betty Quenneville, Ray & Lucy Fuca, Jackie Adelini

 Front Row (L-R):  Gerrie Russo, Cynthia & Tom Coraci and our Hostess Diane Konn