A Christmas Gathering at the Kruegers

Gary & Peg's home in Marine City, January 17, 2004

Peggy and Gary had several trees decorated throughout the first and second floors, as well as the enclosed porch.  The tree decoration themes included Hawaiian, Bunny Rabbit, Victorian, Santa, Camping, Vacations, Ski Slope, Ceramic, etc.

The group enjoyed chili, snacks, liquid refreshments and dessert, along with a lot of laughter from jokes and real life stories.  Most of all talking about the old times!

Marilyn Savage (Santa Hat) in front of the "Santa Tree"


     Kathy Thornton in front of the "Camping and Outdoor Tree"


Jackie Adelini & Ed Carroll at the Main Tree with extensive village set-up.


Gary & Peggy on their bed in front of the "Blue Hawaii Tree"


Peggy also has a "Bunny Tree" on her dresser.


Photos are compliments of Ed Carroll