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NOTE:  Windows Media Player will play most video formats, however occasionally Real Player or Apple's Quick-time Player will be required.  Go to the bottom of the "Contact Us" page to download the FREE Real Player and/or Apple's Quick-Time Player.  Both Players have excellent video and audio features.  Many of NASA movies require Real Player or Apple's Quick-Time Player.


Photos of the Destructive Hurricane KATRINA ---


bullet Photos of Katrina from Florida [Vince Arini]


Tributes to Military, Etc ---


bullet George Ciampa's 'Let Freedom ring' Website
bullet A Tribute to Our Veterans (of the U.S. Armed Forces) Photo Show [FULL SCREEN]
bullet 9/11/01... Tribute Photo Show  [FULL SCREEN; Download is slow, but worth it!]
bullet Until Then ... Tribute Photo Show [FULL SCREEN; Download is slow, but worth it!]
bullet More of the Above!  'Outstanding' Tributes by GCS Distributing


News  ---



The Dana Hrubes North & South Pole Website (2010)

bullet Official Vatican News & Videos
bullet Australian News Videos
bullet NBC Video News


Motivational ---


bullet Awesome (Inspirational) [from Barb Mrozek-Thornton]
bullet Lift Your Day with the 7-Ups! (Inspirational Multimedia) [from Tim Gierlowski]
bullet Do You Remember? (Nostalgic)
bullet An Interview With God (Multimedia)
bullet The 2nd Coming (Inspirational)
bullet The Rope (Inspirational) [from Joe Galant]
bullet Pathways to Peace (Inspirational) [from Tim Gierlowski]
bullet Words of Wisdom (Inspirational)


Music ---


bullet Popular DooWop & Nostalgic Music from 1950's and the 1960's [Vince Arini]
bullet Classical Music from Around the World
bullet 19th & Early 20thCentury Popular American Music (Check Out the Links!)
bullet "I Hear America Singing" Highlights --- New York Town Hall Concert
bullet U.S. Navy Band Music
bullet U.S. Marine Band Music
bullet Canadian Bagpipe Music
bullet Royal Military College of Canada Music
bullet U.S. Department of Defense Music
bullet Great Collection of Military Music and Humor
bullet Patriotic Multimedia
bullet Continuous Gregorian Chant
bullet Continuous South American Adean Music


Technology ---


bullet NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 'Deep Impact' Photos, Animation & Video
bullet NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Multimedia Video Library (requires Real Player)

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Exploration Animation Video Library

(requires Real Player for the "updated RealVideo" version --- excellent movie)


Maas Digital Flight to Mars and Exploration Animation Video

(requires QuickTime Player --- 'Outstanding' movie when viewed with Fast Broadband)

bullet NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Exploration Video Library
bullet Northrop-Grumman Space Technology 'Solid State Laser' Multimedia Video Library
[Flash Gordon and Star Wars technology is now a reality!]
bullet NASA Multimedia Video Library
bullet NASA Human Spaceflight Photo Libraries
bullet NASA Image Exchange Photo Libraries
bullet NASA Orbiting Earth Observatory Photos
bullet NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
bullet Are We Alone? NASA JPL Distant Planet Quest Photo Show
bullet Visit to Saturn and Its Moons (Cassini Spacecraft) Photo Show
bullet Galileo Spacecraft Flight to Jupiter [Legacy of Galileo Animation] Video

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