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The Dana Hrubes Bi-Polar Website (2005)

Since Dana spent 13 months at the pole in 2003-2004, he was required to leave the ice for a couple of months during the Summer.  For vacation he went to New Zealand.  He flew back down to the pole at the end of January taking the last Air Force C-141 Starlifter to Antarctica.  The C-141 has been replaced by the new C-17 and the C-141s are being decommissioned.  The leg room is much better in the C-17.  He stayed at McMurdo Station on Ross Island for one night and then took a ski-equipped LC-130 to the South Pole.  The single cargo ship of the season was in port at McMurdo Station after an ice breaker cut the path. The ice is too thick the remainder of the year to bring in ships.

February at the Pole brings with it the last LC-130 flight and isolation until nearly November and the anticipation of the long dark winter.  After living upper berthing in the dome for over 2 years, he decided to live in the new station.  He is in a room on the first floor with a window overlooking the dome, new skylab and his antenna field.  The rooms are nice and there is no freezer door like the one he had in the dome.  It is more like living on a spaceship up in the new station.  He is amazed to have a window in his room, although it will be covered for most of the upcoming sunless sixth months to reduce light contamination to the outside.


He will winter-over at the South Pole from February 15th to October 23rd.




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